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Considering a bathroom renovation? You’re not alone. Bathrooms are often considered one of the best ways to improve the overall value of your home. But this is not a project that should be started without proper preparation and planning, as these renovations are the most complicated. Here are the components you should consider before demo day.

Timing. A smaller bathroom does not necessarily mean a quicker renovation. Your timeline will also depend on the amount of changes you’re making – both big and small. Be prepared for delays, as shipments do not always arrive on time and plan accordingly for how you or your housemates will get through the day.

Plan for unexpected expenses. If you’ve ever watched a show on HGTV, you know that no home renovation stays completely on budget. Set aside funds for the inevitable surprises. In fact, if you’re already planning on doing a major renovation of the bathroom, you should consider doing a “full gut”, this way you can be confident that the space will not have any unexpected problems later on. Contractors recommend having at least $500 in your back pocket.

Do not forget – ventilation! This is crucial to the comfort and functionality of the space. You will need to consider the type of fan, position, and electrical wiring required.

Your design should be stylish AND functional. The two are not mutually exclusive, don’t worry! When choosing elements and layout for your new bathroom, remember to consider who will use it, how it will affect resale of the house eventually, and does it complement the style of the rest of the house. Faucets, fixtures, and cabinets are especially key to this part of the design.

Something else to consider. The market is trending towards more environmentally considerate options. So, while your opinion may vary, again, it is important to consider the re-sale potential of your home in this decision. More than likely, future home-owners will want to see green options in the home and not having them may turn away potential buyers.

The one thing you should splurge on. Yes, the toilet. Look for a flusher with a Maximum Performance testing (MaP) rating of 500 or more for assured ease of use. You may even consider high-efficiency toilet that use half as much as the legal limit of water per flush for an added “green” consideration.

Start with a great contractor. You do not want to get started and have your plan be ruined by unknown water damage, out of date pipes, etc. Best way to plan your renovation is to know what obstacles you’ll be dealing with. The right contractor should have a general idea of the workload and timeframe before begin. James L. Graves Construction prides ourselves on consistently delivering top notch service to our customers. Contact our office today at 410-721-9619 to get started!


  1. Hidden TV. For those of you who prefer to enjoy the morning news with breakfast, or watch a movie while baking, having a hidden TV in your kitchen can help you have the amenity you want, without distracting from the overall design of your kitchen. There are several ways to install this space saving design, perhaps one of the most popular right now being covering it with a hanging chalkboard or corkboard. This way, the space has dual functionality, and switching between the two is not a hassle.
  2. Pull-out trash and recycle bins. While it’s a much more common storage solution than in years past, it still bears repeating. Keep the unsightly bins and their smells out of sight with pull-out cabinetry specifically designed for this purpose.
  3. Counter-top storage cabinet. Hide unattractive and seldom used appliances with a custom-built cabinet that goes right on top of the counter. Then choose the style of door for that cabinet that suites the space best: fold-up, regular hinge, etc.
  4. Spice rack. Replace your messy, frustrating space rack with a cabinet organizer that fits in the tall, vertical drawer you weren’t using anyway.
  5. Dish pantry. If your kitchen is lacking on shelving space for your dishware, consider a unique alternative. Store everything from your everyday plates, bowls, and glasses to the less-frequently used pitchers and serving platters all in one place. Be sure to opt for the array of pull-out shelves to make for easiest access.
  6. Under-the-cabinet drawers. Chances are, you may have empty space underneath of your existing cabinets that could be perfect for storing things like baking sheets and food storage items (think plastic wrap, aluminum foil, etc.). Add-ons can be installed to convert that bonus space into useful drawers and free up space elsewhere.
  7. Utensil drawers in unused cabinet space. Another use for those tall, narrow false cabinets next to the oven could be for hiding all of those kitchen utensils. Choose from many organizational designs that can be installed, and you’ll be sure to have a space-saving design that also tidies up the countertop and other drawers.

  1. Simple Tip: Don’t forget to use the inside of cabinet doors. Since these spots aren’t readily visible, it’s a great place to tuck away things like: hanging measuring utensils, recipe ideas, measurement conversions, chore charts, and more.

Thinking about a kitchen renovation, or just looking to add some of these space-saving hacks into your current design? Call us at 410-721-9619 for expert advice and top-notch service.



A kitchen renovation is a reliable way to upgrade the look and feel of your home, especially if you have re-sell value in mind. When considering changes you’ll want to choose features and colors that you, or future owners, will be happy with for 5-10 years. Here are five “safer” trends to consider for your beautiful new cooking space.

  1. Greige

Shades of grey and beige have become the staple color palette for the modern kitchen and home. More adventurous than white, but still a relatively easy-to-work-with neutral color. Grey can be used in different ways than just paint on walls or cabinets. Think concrete countertops or floors.  Matte finishes are especially favorable right now, and expected to be strong in the design industry as a whole for years to come.

  1. Wood accents.

Wood is a must-have material in kitchens right now, whether it’s cabinets, countertops, benches or accent pieces. The natural texture adds a relaxed element to the space

  1. Tiles – backsplash and floor.

An easy way to add personality to your kitchen is through a creative use of tiles. Gone are days of having to match your floor and backsplash perfectly, so have fun with it! If you don’t want to go too far, try and playful black and white pattern on the floor, with a small, neutral tile for the wall. If you’re feeling more daring, go for a colorful pattern on the floor and balance it out with white subway tile on the wall.

  1. Open shelving & two-tone cabinets.

Maybe one of the “riskier” trends to try, open-shelving has proven to be an enduring trend. Along with that, you will start seeing more and more two-tone cabinets as a feature in modern kitchens. This means kitchen cabinetry painted in two or more colors, usually top vs. bottom. Open-shelving is an easy way to add minimalistic style to your room, while using your dishes as accessories. If you’d like the option to disguise your messier shelves you could do your own take on two-tone cabinets and have a mix of colors as well as open vs. closed shelving.

  1. Lighting trends.

Trends in lighting are always changing and can seem hard to keep up with, but can be a relatively simple way of making a major change to the look and feel of the kitchen. A few of the trending lighting choices are:

  • Edison bulbs – A trend you have probably seen all over home designs, not just in the kitchen. This special filament bulbs can be feature pieces that add a warm, welcoming light to the room.
  • Track lighting – Use as a focal feature to draw the eye to a part of the kitchen such as an island.
  • Layered lighting – Multiple, and different kinds of lighting can break up a large room and help separate the kitchen from the living area. Or, soften the sink space with accent lighting – it’s nice to have the option of softer, warmer, lighting in the evening.
  • Cabinet lighting – A form of layered lighting in and of itself, but is worth mentioning separately as such a strong trend. A great “night light” option in the kitchen, that can also highlight that backsplash or countertop you spent so much time deciding on. With different kinds and styles, do your research and talk to your contractor about the best options for your space.
  • Pendant lights – Consider the rustic or industrial style pendants featured commonly today, combined with Edison bulbs and you have yourself a trendy, modern kitchen. Pendants are a great way to add a unique sense of style and character to the kitchen.



Silverline might be Medallion’s entry-level product line, but that doesn’t mean it’s limited or boring- in fact there are plenty of ways to create an on-trend, stunning design!

One way to achieve unique, stylish looks with Silverline’s offerings is to combine doors and finishes. Finish pairings are sometimes more straightforward when they’re based on color, but combining different door styles can be a little trickier.

To create a successful pairing, it helps to think of door styles according to the broad style category they fit into. The designer at Medallion, put together a scatter-plot of our top trending Silverline Door

Styles arranged according to how contemporary, transitional, or traditional they are:

With this in mind, there are really two ways to approach this:

  1. Pair doors from style categories with distinctly different looks (like a slab door and a Shaker-style door) or
  2. Pair doors with matching or complementary frames and different center panels.

For the latter, these two sets of Silverline door styles actually have matching frames with different center panels, making it easy to pair them with one another:


Remember, neutral finish palettes range from serene and monochromatic to chic and dramatic, simply by changing the flooring, counters, tile and wall color/coverings. And depending on what you pair, you can achieve some distinctly different looks. Just take a look at these inspiration boards using Jackson and Carlisle!

And this versatility isn’t limited to simple Shaker-style doors! They put together a handful of examples of how door pairings and some trending wallpaper or other elements of your design can do that. Each features a bold, fashion-forward look and a “safer”, more mainstream look, too. (Remember, safe isn’t bad! It’s all about knowing our James L. Graves Construction customer.)

Left and top: Pairing a slab style with a beaded center panel Shaker in contrasting finishes embraces the latest trend in a diverse manner. Neutral colors ensure staying power.

Left and bottom: Sharing the same frame width, these two styles are the perfect pair. Fenwick adds dimensional interest while Lancaster lays out the foundation. The classic black-and-white kitchen never tires.

Left and top: A wide bevel profile adds contemporary style and gives the frame just enough flair to pair easily with Greely. Add long bar pulls in polished chrome, and this duo is metro ready!

Left and bottom: Toning it down for the ‘burbs, this pairing softens the contrast in color, yet sets a striking tone with strong architectural lines. Ebony highlight emphasizes the frame and complements the Smoke stained finish.

Left and top: Modern and natural done in a fresh palette compose this pair as a renewed take on a historic theme. Undertones of cherry through the Peppercorn finish make for the perfect complement to Smoke’s austere mood.

Left and bottom: Walton’s petite beveled profile in a rich white paint steers this duo towards a more sophisticated tone, inspiring Euro style and timeless design.

Left and top: Caldwell’s mitered frame and beaded profiles give this raised panel style a chic update. Paired with its flat-panel counterpart Wyatt in a textured-looking finish, this duo is great for waterfront decor or any casual setting.

Left and bottom: Wyatt Espresso paired with Cadwell in a classic light greige paint offers an elegant approach to an on-trend style combination. Flexible options for species and finish creates a dramatic difference making it easier for you to get the right look with Silverline!

Left and top: Painted finishes are the perfect complement in a design using textured materials in the flooring, walls or counters. Classic details of a raised panel style paired with a beaded shaker style balance the textures and beautify the space!

Left and bottom: Or if our client prefers minimal details, Jackson’s style is a perfect complement to Winston and works well in both painted and stained finishes.

Left and top: A perfect blend of simplicity merged with enhanced detail, Carlisle fits nicely between traditional and transitional and is easily tailored by species and finish to the personal taste of your client.

Left and bottom: In this pairing, I see Jackson toning down the upscale style of Carlisle while offering a delightful looking design. I think together they offer the perfect balance of value and fashion!

This is just a sampling of using Silverline’s top style and finishes to achieve the latest design trends. Add these foundations to the right palette of counters, flooring, decorative hardware, etc. and our JLG Clients will be happy with a tasteful style story that is anything but compromising! Stay tuned for more insights on the Silverline Playbook and how you can achieve great designs within the right budget!

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