You’ve dealt with your fair share of maintenance problems if you’re one of the 65.8% of Americans who own a house. But, despite wanting to fix those problems, most people put off fixing roofing issues, even though your roof is a critical element in ensuring the security and insulation of your home.

Discover the solutions to four roofing issues in the following paragraphs.

1. A Dripping Roof

One of the more frequent difficulties that homeowners deal with is a leaking roof. Typically, water stains on an attic ceiling indicate that water has penetrated the shingles. Leaks may also be visible near a vent or skylight.

If you don’t fix a leaky roof, your electrical system may experience various issues. If water gets on any of the wooden parts of your house, it could also compromise its structural stability.

If you want a qualified roofing contractor in Annapolis, JLG Builds, a roofing, and siding replacement company, is your best option because they will know how to locate the leak’s source. Anything from an old roof to faulty flashing could be an issue in such situations.

2. Lack of Shingles

Do you see any bare patches on your roof where shingles have been lost when you glance up? If so, you should look into roof repair. While you might not necessarily require a new roof, missing shingles show your roof is very vulnerable.

Shingles act as a first line of defense against rain. Although there is a waterproof membrane beneath the shingles, it can deteriorate with time if it is not shielded. Leaks are, therefore, likely.

Shingles also reflect UV rays, so your utility expenses can go up if you have fewer of them. Naturally, a roof with missing shingles won’t look as good. Having your roof inspected and repaired is worthwhile if you want to sell your house soon.

3. Pest Problems

Never let animals be seen resting on your roof. Birds, mice, and raccoons can seriously damage the structure of your roof. However, if there are too many adjacent tree branches or other vegetation types, your roof will act as a pest attraction.

By making some initial efforts, you can stop pest problems. For example, trim back overgrowth to prevent it from touching your roof shingles as a starting point. As a result, you’ll keep impurities off your roof and avoid providing pests with easy access.

Commit to having your gutters cleaned annually as well. Birds will start frequenting your gutters and roof more frequently when they begin to accumulate leaves and other debris. Additionally, if you keep your roof in good condition, there’s less chance that pests may get inside your house through a chimney.

4. Defective Roof Vents

Vents on roofs are necessary for airflow, but occasionally they develop cracks. A roof vent has water leaks when it is fractured. Similarly, moisture problems might result from inadequate ventilation on your roof. Internal temperatures will soar when hot air accumulates in your attic. You might notice damage to the rafters or sheathing as a result.

Even worse, the moisture accumulation may cause the timber on the supports of your home to decay. As a result, it causes the roof to sag and increases airborne mold spores. If you notice such issues, plan to hire a professional roofer to install vents on your roof’s ridges, gables, or other suitable areas.

5. Repair Your Roofing Issue

Knowing how to handle roofing issues will help you avoid leaks and further harm. Keep an eye out for interior water damage that could indicate roof leaks or flashing problems. After a hailstorm, inspect your roof and replace any missing shingles or damaged gutters immediately.

Do you require assistance with a roofing issue? Then, contact JLG Builds so we can assist you!