Considering a bathroom renovation? You’re not alone. Bathrooms are often considered one of the best ways to improve the overall value of your home. But this is not a project that should be started without proper preparation and planning, as these renovations are the most complicated. Here are the components you should consider before demo day.

Timing. A smaller bathroom does not necessarily mean a quicker renovation. Your timeline will also depend on the amount of changes you’re making – both big and small. Be prepared for delays, as shipments do not always arrive on time and plan accordingly for how you or your housemates will get through the day.

Plan for unexpected expenses. If you’ve ever watched a show on HGTV, you know that no home renovation stays completely on budget. Set aside funds for the inevitable surprises. In fact, if you’re already planning on doing a major renovation of the bathroom, you should consider doing a “full gut”, this way you can be confident that the space will not have any unexpected problems later on. Contractors recommend having at least $500 in your back pocket.

Do not forget – ventilation! This is crucial to the comfort and functionality of the space. You will need to consider the type of fan, position, and electrical wiring required.

Your design should be stylish AND functional. The two are not mutually exclusive, don’t worry! When choosing elements and layout for your new bathroom, remember to consider who will use it, how it will affect resale of the house eventually, and does it complement the style of the rest of the house. Faucets, fixtures, and cabinets are especially key to this part of the design.

Something else to consider. The market is trending towards more environmentally considerate options. So, while your opinion may vary, again, it is important to consider the re-sale potential of your home in this decision. More than likely, future home-owners will want to see green options in the home and not having them may turn away potential buyers.

The one thing you should splurge on. Yes, the toilet. Look for a flusher with a Maximum Performance testing (MaP) rating of 500 or more for assured ease of use. You may even consider high-efficiency toilet that use half as much as the legal limit of water per flush for an added “green” consideration.

Start with a great contractor. You do not want to get started and have your plan be ruined by unknown water damage, out of date pipes, etc. Best way to plan your renovation is to know what obstacles you’ll be dealing with. The right contractor should have a general idea of the workload and timeframe before begin. James L. Graves Construction prides ourselves on consistently delivering top notch service to our customers. Contact our office today at 410-721-9619 to get started!