As autumn makes way for winter, it’s time to take some necessary steps to keep your home safe during the harshest season of the year. Winters in Crofton, Maryland are known to be notorious – it’s snowy, chilly, and windy. The home roofs suffer the brunt of inclement weather. If you have been facing roof problems, it is advisable to take the services of a roof replacement and installation contractor to have a good look at the roof before winter sets in. If not addressed in time the snow and ice in winter can aggravate the problem further and it can lead to more costly repairs. If you are looking for a  roof replacement contractor in Crofton, the experts at JLG Builds can help you. They can help you winterproof your roof and prepare it for the season.

While you get your roof ready for winter, you should also be aware of the damages your roof can suffer during winter.

The Impact of Heavy Snow

The roofing material is designed to withstand heavy weight. However, sometimes when the snow is very heavy, the roof will start experiencing stress which can lead to cracks and other such problems. A sagging purlin, bending of metal supports, loud popping noise in the roof, cracked wooden supports, etc., are signs of severe wear and tear in the roof and it needs immediate attention.

Battling Ice

When melted snow freezes again, it becomes ice. The cycle of partial thawing and freezing can have a very damaging effect on the roof. It leads to the development and expansion of cracks and causes leaks. It can compromise the roof’s foundation.

Structural Infirmity Due to Temperature Changes

When temperature swings between extremes, i.e., warm during the day and very cold at night, the roof loses its tensile strength. It can damage the structural integrity of the roof and can even lead to a sudden cave-in or collapse. The only way to counter the ravaging effects of winter is through regular inspection and preventive maintenance. The roof of your house has a life cycle of its own, you can enhance its longevity by taking good care of it.

Do you want to check if your roof is ready to take on the winter, the experts at JLG Builds can help you with the same. They not only provide efficient roof replacement but also Siding Installation and Replacement Services in Crofton. If you have any such requirements, get in touch with them today.