Silverline might be Medallion’s entry-level product line, but that doesn’t mean it’s limited or boring- in fact there are plenty of ways to create an on-trend, stunning design!

One way to achieve unique, stylish looks with Silverline’s offerings is to combine doors and finishes. Finish pairings are sometimes more straightforward when they’re based on color, but combining different door styles can be a little trickier.

To create a successful pairing, it helps to think of door styles according to the broad style category they fit into. The designer at Medallion, put together a scatter-plot of our top trending Silverline Door

Styles arranged according to how contemporary, transitional, or traditional they are:

With this in mind, there are really two ways to approach this:

  1. Pair doors from style categories with distinctly different looks (like a slab door and a Shaker-style door) or
  2. Pair doors with matching or complementary frames and different center panels.

For the latter, these two sets of Silverline door styles actually have matching frames with different center panels, making it easy to pair them with one another:


Remember, neutral finish palettes range from serene and monochromatic to chic and dramatic, simply by changing the flooring, counters, tile and wall color/coverings. And depending on what you pair, you can achieve some distinctly different looks. Just take a look at these inspiration boards using Jackson and Carlisle!

And this versatility isn’t limited to simple Shaker-style doors! They put together a handful of examples of how door pairings and some trending wallpaper or other elements of your design can do that. Each features a bold, fashion-forward look and a “safer”, more mainstream look, too. (Remember, safe isn’t bad! It’s all about knowing our James L. Graves Construction customer.)

Left and top: Pairing a slab style with a beaded center panel Shaker in contrasting finishes embraces the latest trend in a diverse manner. Neutral colors ensure staying power.

Left and bottom: Sharing the same frame width, these two styles are the perfect pair. Fenwick adds dimensional interest while Lancaster lays out the foundation. The classic black-and-white kitchen never tires.

Left and top: A wide bevel profile adds contemporary style and gives the frame just enough flair to pair easily with Greely. Add long bar pulls in polished chrome, and this duo is metro ready!

Left and bottom: Toning it down for the ‘burbs, this pairing softens the contrast in color, yet sets a striking tone with strong architectural lines. Ebony highlight emphasizes the frame and complements the Smoke stained finish.

Left and top: Modern and natural done in a fresh palette compose this pair as a renewed take on a historic theme. Undertones of cherry through the Peppercorn finish make for the perfect complement to Smoke’s austere mood.

Left and bottom: Walton’s petite beveled profile in a rich white paint steers this duo towards a more sophisticated tone, inspiring Euro style and timeless design.

Left and top: Caldwell’s mitered frame and beaded profiles give this raised panel style a chic update. Paired with its flat-panel counterpart Wyatt in a textured-looking finish, this duo is great for waterfront decor or any casual setting.

Left and bottom: Wyatt Espresso paired with Cadwell in a classic light greige paint offers an elegant approach to an on-trend style combination. Flexible options for species and finish creates a dramatic difference making it easier for you to get the right look with Silverline!

Left and top: Painted finishes are the perfect complement in a design using textured materials in the flooring, walls or counters. Classic details of a raised panel style paired with a beaded shaker style balance the textures and beautify the space!

Left and bottom: Or if our client prefers minimal details, Jackson’s style is a perfect complement to Winston and works well in both painted and stained finishes.

Left and top: A perfect blend of simplicity merged with enhanced detail, Carlisle fits nicely between traditional and transitional and is easily tailored by species and finish to the personal taste of your client.

Left and bottom: In this pairing, I see Jackson toning down the upscale style of Carlisle while offering a delightful looking design. I think together they offer the perfect balance of value and fashion!

This is just a sampling of using Silverline’s top style and finishes to achieve the latest design trends. Add these foundations to the right palette of counters, flooring, decorative hardware, etc. and our JLG Clients will be happy with a tasteful style story that is anything but compromising! Stay tuned for more insights on the Silverline Playbook and how you can achieve great designs within the right budget!