1. Hidden TV. For those of you who prefer to enjoy the morning news with breakfast, or watch a movie while baking, having a hidden TV in your kitchen can help you have the amenity you want, without distracting from the overall design of your kitchen. There are several ways to install this space saving design, perhaps one of the most popular right now being covering it with a hanging chalkboard or corkboard. This way, the space has dual functionality, and switching between the two is not a hassle.
  2. Pull-out trash and recycle bins. While it’s a much more common storage solution than in years past, it still bears repeating. Keep the unsightly bins and their smells out of sight with pull-out cabinetry specifically designed for this purpose.
  3. Counter-top storage cabinet. Hide unattractive and seldom used appliances with a custom-built cabinet that goes right on top of the counter. Then choose the style of door for that cabinet that suites the space best: fold-up, regular hinge, etc.
  4. Spice rack. Replace your messy, frustrating space rack with a cabinet organizer that fits in the tall, vertical drawer you weren’t using anyway.
  5. Dish pantry. If your kitchen is lacking on shelving space for your dishware, consider a unique alternative. Store everything from your everyday plates, bowls, and glasses to the less-frequently used pitchers and serving platters all in one place. Be sure to opt for the array of pull-out shelves to make for easiest access.
  6. Under-the-cabinet drawers. Chances are, you may have empty space underneath of your existing cabinets that could be perfect for storing things like baking sheets and food storage items (think plastic wrap, aluminum foil, etc.). Add-ons can be installed to convert that bonus space into useful drawers and free up space elsewhere.
  7. Utensil drawers in unused cabinet space. Another use for those tall, narrow false cabinets next to the oven could be for hiding all of those kitchen utensils. Choose from many organizational designs that can be installed, and you’ll be sure to have a space-saving design that also tidies up the countertop and other drawers.

  1. Simple Tip: Don’t forget to use the inside of cabinet doors. Since these spots aren’t readily visible, it’s a great place to tuck away things like: hanging measuring utensils, recipe ideas, measurement conversions, chore charts, and more.

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