During winter, as the temperature falls, the heating system has to work harder to maintain a comfortable temperature in your home, leading to higher energy bills. Drafty windows can also allow moisture to enter your home, leading to frost forming inside your windows. It has a damaging effect in the long run.

Here are some ways to protect your windows during snow and bad weather.

Install storm windows or storm shutters

Storm windows provide an extra layer of protection for your windows. They are typically made of plastic or glass and are installed on the outside of your windows. Storm shutters can be made of wood, aluminium, or steel and are also used to protect windows from extreme weather. They are typically installed on the outside of your windows and can be opened and closed as needed. Both storm windows and shutters can help protect your windows from damage caused by high winds, hail, and flying debris, and they can also help reduce noise and energy costs.

Apply window film

Window film comprises a thin layer of plastic or other material that is applied to a window’s surface. You can use it to help insulate windows and reduce heat loss during winter. Window film reflects heat into your home, which can help keep it warm and reduce your energy bills.

Proper Window Sealing

Sealing your windows can help keep out drafts and reduce heat loss during winter. There are many ways you can seal your windows, of which caulking and weatherstripping are effective.

Caulk: Caulk is a flexible, waterproof sealant that you can use to fill gaps around your windows. To seal your windows with caulk, apply a thin bead around the inside edge of the window frame, ensuring to fill any gaps or cracks.

Weatherstripping:¬†Weatherstripping is a thin strip to seal gaps around your windows. It can be made of foam, rubber, or other materials and is designed to compress and seal off any gaps when the window is closed. To install weatherstripping, measure and cut the strips to size, then apply them to the window frame according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

If your windows are old and battered, consider investing in energy-efficient windows, which can help reduce heat loss and lower energy bills.

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