Weather conditions during winter are the harshest with snow, gale, and ice. During the winter months, the roof of a house bears most of the brunt of inclement weather and is susceptible to various types of damage. A leaky roof, loosening asphalt shingles, ice dam formation, and condensation, are among the many issues that you might face with your roof during the cold wintry months.

To ensure that you can sail through the winter without any issues with the roof, you have to prepare it in advance for the weather. Here are the things you should to do protect your roof during winter.

Check the Ventilation and Insulation of Your Attic 

The insulation of the roof help in keeping the temperature regulated and proper ventilation of the attic helps in preventing moisture build-up. Both these features are crucial for the well-being of the roof during winter. They work to combat the outside chilly temperature and keep your energy bill in check. Before the onset of winter, it is important to check the ventilation and insulation of the roof.

Give Your Roof A Thorough Check 

Small problems in the roof when not inspected and corrected in due time can aggravate and compromise the integrity of the roof. So, inspect the roof thoroughly for any cracks and weak spots that can make it vulnerable during winter. When the roof is covered in snow seemingly small issues can be the cause of mold, rotting wood, and leaks.

Be Prompt in Removing Ice and Snow 

Snow on roofs may look pristine but let that not fool you about how much risk they pose. An excessive amount of snow on the roof can lead to the collapse of the roof. The weight of the snow and ice adds strain to the structure of the house. So, it is important to be very proactive in removing the snow from the roof.

Check for any Damaged or Broken Tiles 

A couple of missing or broken tiles do not pose much of a threat during the spring or summer. But during winter snow makes your roof very vulnerable and can lead to a leakage in the roof.

Keep The Drainage System Clean 

Accumulation of moss, leaves, and other assorted waste in your drainage system can lead to a serious issue during the winter. The gutter is busiest during the winter with the prevalence of rain and snow. If snow and ice settled into the waste in the gutter, it can lead to a serious blockage that might need costly repairs. So having a clean gutter is crucial during the winter.

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