Siding protects the exterior of a house from the vagaries of nature and extends its lifespan. It also enhances the curb appeal of the house and increases its market value. There are a few siding material choices to check out when it comes to a new siding installation or replacement – fiber cement, wood, and vinyl are some of the popular choices. Given its cost-effectiveness, variety in shades and design, and durability, vinyl siding is the top choice among homeowners.

If the siding of your home is old, cracked, and rotting in places, it is likely not protecting your home well enough and it is time to think and plan out a new siding installation. One of the important aspects of a siding replacement project is choosing the ideal time of the year for its installation, especially if you are choosing vinyl siding. Let’s discuss in brief the best time for siding installation and the reasons behind it.

Moisture Exposure in Spring 

Spring brings pleasant and stable weather, but in most areas, there are always chances of rain. Rain doesn’t affect sidings that are already installed, however, if your siding replacement contractor is halfway done through the job and it suddenly pours, it could lead to serious problems. Rains will expose your home’s wall and sheathing to moisture and create a favorable condition for mold growth. It will have a very detrimental effect on the overall well-being of your house’s construction.

The Heat of Summer

Vinyl is a temperature-sensitive material and extreme temperatures can hinder its proper installation. While it will not melt under the sun, it can stretch and expand under high temperatures. So, if it is installed under the heat of the scorching sun and is nailed too tight, it is likely to contract and crack when the temperature falls in winter.

Temperature Extremes in Winter

It is also not ideal to go for siding installation in winter, especially if your region experiences extreme weather conditions during winter. The temperature drops below 50 F can caus.3

2.03+e the siding panels to contract and make them brittle and fragile. The chances of vinyl panels cracking is high in such weather condition.

The Best Time for Siding Installation is Fall

It is best to schedule a siding installation during fall because the weather conditions are ideal – it is not too hot or cold. It is also the time of the year when siding materials go on sale, so you can save some bucks on the material cost.

However, it is important to remember that siding replacements are done throughout the year – it is just a matter of finding that favorable window with ideal conditions. If your siding has extensive damage and cracks, it doesn’t make sense to wait another season and let the situation aggravate. Talk to your siding replacement contractor to get it replaced at the earliest. 

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